Top Returning Big East Guards: #3 – Colin Gillespie, Villanova

Villanova is the Big East’s best claim to being a true Power-6 conference, having won two of the past four national championships. And in Collin Gillespie, the Wildcats have one of the best returning guards in the conference. He tied for 10th in the Big East in scoring with 15.1 points per game, and he was fifth in assists (4.5 apg). He’s been a strong contributor for Villanova for three years, increasing his points, assists, and rebound total in every season, while shooting over 80% from the free throw line each year. Consistency was a huge part of Gillespie’s game, as he scored less than ten points on just four occasions all season.

Gillespie showed out on several occasions as well, putting up huge performances while playing alongside projected first round pick Saddiq Bey. He put himself on the radar with a 18-point, 9-assist effort in a tight non-conference victory over Mississippi State, followed with a 27-point, 6-assist performance against Baylor, ranked 24th at the time. As the Wildcats progressed through another dominant conference season, tying for a three-way share of the conference lead with a 13-5 record, Gillespie consistently torched opposing Big East defenses. He notched 24-point efforts against Xavier and Creighton, followed by a 21-point  a double-double at St. Johns, before delivering his best performance of the year against #19 Butler. Playing the Bulldogs on the road, Gillespie shot 9-19 from the field and 7-10 from the charity stripe to collect 28 points, while dishing out six assists.

Gillespie stayed consistent throughout the year, impacting the game in various ways, even when his scoring touch was off. That consistency was a relief to Villanova fans, who watched their star guard virtually disappear in the 2019 postseason, averaging just 5.5 points per game in their final four playoff clashes. Gillespie has virtually eliminated those hiccups, becoming a high-impact player for the Wildcats in almost every game. Set to receive the lion’s shares of shots and scoring opportunities next season, Gillespie should continue to boost his numbers, continuing his upwards trajectory in his final collegiate season.


2 thoughts on “Top Returning Big East Guards: #3 – Colin Gillespie, Villanova

  1. College Kids Talking College Sports?

    “Gillespie showed out on several occasions as well…” SHOWED OUT? What language is that?

    “And in Collin Gillespie, the Wildcats have one of the best returning the guards in the conference.” ONE OF THE BEST RETURNING THE GUARDS? What the hell does this mean?

    Looks like Junior High Kids Talking College Sports! BTW, it is WRITING ABOUT SPORT!!!

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    1. “Showed out” is a common expression, particularly in sports, to denote someone who stood out or have a remarkable performance in this context.
      The second part was an editing mistake on our part which has been corrected.
      I’m sorry you don’t like the name of our site. We were founded as a podcast and have had writers make guest radio appearances, hence the name.

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