The Ultimate 2020 NFL Draft

Look everyone wants to have the perfect NFL Draft, but it never works out that way. There are busts, late round steals, and a variety of unpredictable circumstances that ruin everyone’s draft plans. That being said, this article will try to create the ultimate 7-round draft, identifying the best value pick in each round. We will also include a For the purpose of this draft, let’s just assume the team making this draft has dire needs at every position, and that they can pick anywhere in the round. Because why not, it’s fun.

Round 1 – Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State
For my first pick, I’m going with the most dominant player in the draft. Tough call between him and the versatile Isaiah Simmons, but Young just disrupts the game in a way I’ve never seen. I’ve seen top ranked edge rushers like the Bosa brothers and Josh Allen tear up the NFL early in their careers, and that’s why I’m picking Young.

Round 2 – D’Andre Swift, Running Back, Georgia
I need the best back in the draft, and Swift somehow is still available hear in the second round, so Swift becomes the first piece of my offense. Easy pick.

Round 3 – Josh Jones, Offensive Tackle, Houston
I would normally prioritize the O-line earlier, but with Jones slipping into the third round, I felt I could wait a little bit. With Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills Jr., and Mekhi Becton gone early in the first round, I’m grabbing Jones hear for good value.

Round 4 – Jacob Eason, Quarterback, Washington
If I’m rebuilding my franchise, I need a quarterback, a fickle position at best. That’s why I didn’t go for Burrow, Tua, or Herbert in the first round, and so I’m going with a physical specimen in Eason. In the fourth round, to get a guy with a lot of untapped potential seems like a solid pick.

Round 5 – Bryce Hall, Cornerback, Virginia
Back to the defense, and I’m headed for the secondary. Bryce Hall was a potential day 2 pick, so I’m excited with this fifth-round pick-up. Hall was part of a stingy Virginia defense, and he’s most definitely the best cornerback available.

Round 6 – Alohi Giman, Safety, Notre Dame
This was the toughest round for me, as I wanted to find a linebacker, but I just struggled to find elite value at the position, and I think the ball-hawking Gilman provides me with some interesting talent in the secondary, and he’s been a leader for a tough Notre Dame defense, so he will be a good late-round addition.

Round 7 – KJ Hill, Wide Receiver, Ohio State
Absolute steal here. My team needs a big time receiver to help us, but with such a deep receiver class, I waited until the 7th round and found a gem in Hill, a playmaker out of Ohio State.

Undrafted Free Agent – Hunter Bryant, Tight End, Washington

I had bigger priorites in the second and third round, when Cole Kmet and Adam Trautman, the top two tight ends on my board, were picked, and I just did not feel like I was getting a ton of value, until I found Bryant still hanging around after the conclusion of my seven round draft. Easy pickup for me here, as the Washington tight end played with Eason, and their connection could be interesting for my rebuilding team.

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