Lapoint: Five 2020 Rivalries Left That Are Worth Paying Attention To

Obviously, Corona has vastly changed the landscape of college football and particularly the rivalry scene. This season we will miss rivalries such as Michigan and Ohio State, Georgia and Georgia Tech, Harvard and Yale, USC and Notre Dame, among many others. But don’t worry; there are five great rivalry games you won’t want to miss this CFB season.

  1. The Iron Bowl

If you don’t watch the Iron Bowl every year, I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s time someone told you that you’re not a real college football fan. Auburn and Alabama have become the staple rivalry in college football every year. Played the Saturday after thanksgiving, the Iron Bowl in the past couple of years has given us the Kick Six, dominant performances from the likes of Cam Newton and Mark Ingram, and the SEC West title seems to always be on the line when these two teams meet. The Iron Bowl is everything a college football fan should want. This season is no different. Bo Nix is back under center for Auburn, and after beating Mac Jones and the Tide in his first Iron Bowl, he is looking to send Jones to 0-2 as a starting QB in the infamous rivalry clash. This year, the teams meet in Tuscaloosa on November 28.

2. The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Georgia Tech is no longer Georgia’s big rivalry game – that honor belongs to Auburn, and until things change in Atlanta, this trend will continue. Auburn is the perfect rival for Georgia as both teams have emerged as powerhouse SEC programs. The yearly clash between the SEC West and East’s storied programs is why this is The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. Usually, the SEC East and West crossover games are on rotation, but this game has earned the right to be played every year as it is and will continue to be. With moments like the Miracle at Jordan Hare and the Hall of Fame caliber players such as Herschalle Walker and Bo Jackson, who once flashed their talent in this game, The Deep South’s oldest rivalry has become a staple of football below the Mason Dixon. This year’s matchup will be an exciting defensive battle in Athens on October 3.¬†

3. Red River Rivalry 

Played at the Texas State Fair every year in the Cotton Bowl, the Sooner and Longhorns have created one of the best rivalries in college football. This game gives off so many thanksgiving high school football game rivalry vibes, it’s crazy, and that’s what makes it so good. The Sooners hate the horns and will do whatever it takes to let the Longhorns know what’s up. This game in the past three years has featured two Heisman trophy winners and a runner up. Of course, all those guys played for Oklahoma. Still, Sam Ehlinger is looking to make his mark on the Red River Rivalry, winning the Golden Cowboy hat and becoming the third Heisman Trophy winner to play in this game in the last four years. The two teams square off at the Cotton Bowl on October 10 this season.

4. Bedlam

The name says it all. The rivalry between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is absolutely absurd every year, and we are so here for it. These teams don’t like each other whatsoever, and this year is no different. Two Heisman hopefuls will take their campaigns into Bedlam this season, hoping to have a signature Heisman moment in one of CFB’s most entertaining rivalry games. Chubba Hubbard had a great year last year, and after a fascinating offseason, he is back in Stillwater, ready to make his case for the Heisman. On the other hand, Spencer Rattler will be under center as the Sooners starting QB for the first time. This will be a pivotal game in the Big 12 and the College Football Playoff picture.  

5. The Commander-In-Chiefs Trophy

I’m aware the Commander-In-Chiefs trophy isn’t a one-game ordeal. The trophy is given to the service academy who has the best record against the other service academies that season. This season is no different, but at the same time, it is a little different for the service academy out west. The Air Force Academy is playing just two games this fall, and they are against Army and Navy. The Air Force’s entire season this fall is playing for The Commander-In-Chiefs trophy. The big rivalry game amongst the service academies is the Army-Navy game, and it will be essential again this year. Still, this season’s battle for the Commander and Chiefs trophy should provide three extremely entertaining games this year. Air Force hosts Navy on October 3, Army plays Air Force at home on November 7, and the Army-Navy game will be held in Philadelphia on December 12.


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