Daily Headlines: NFL schedule release is reason for Tua concern

Today’s daily headlines are a little slimmer, and we even dip into the NFL to give you some news regarding recently drafted college athletes. With that being said, here’s today’s trending news.

Jim Harbaugh proposes NFL Draft changes

In an open letter to the ‘College Football Community’, Jim Harbaugh proposed a few changes to the NFL Draft process. High among Harbaugh’s priorities was implementing a similar system to the NBA Draft, which allows athletes to retain NCAA eligibility even after declaring for the draft. This enables college athletes who may want to test the draft waters and get feedback from professional teams to do so, but they can also return back to finish off their eligibility. Harbaugh has been known for proposing major changes to the football landscape, recently proposing an 11-team Playoff, and he makes headlines once more today. 

Miami Dolphins’ schedule already causing early Tua concerns
The biggest red flag for Tua Tuagovaoila is his injury concerns, especially after missing the last portion of Alabama’s season. When the NFL schedule was released Thursday night, those concerns escalated with the revealing of the Miami Dolphins’ early slate of games. After starting with defensive genius Bill Belichick,  Tua and the Dolphins take on some of the games’ scariest pass rushers, including Aaron Donald, Joey and Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and Chandler Jones in just the first nine weeks. That’s a fearsome group of defensive beasts, and if anything, people anxious to see the rocket-armed left-handed quarterback debut may have to wait a little while, as I doubt Brian Flores will be anxious to throw his prized franchise quarterback into the fray with Miami’s horrific offensive line. Oregon announces no live sporting events with fans through September
Although the hope remains that the college football season will be played this fall, Oregon’s governor made the announcement that no live sporting events with fans would be permitted in the state until at least October. This is a devastating blow to the Ducks, who were slated to host Ohio State in one of the biggest home games in program history. Not only do they lose the mass amounts of revenue that would have been generated by a likely record-breaking crowd, but the Ducks also may be playing in an empty stadium, diminishing the home field advantage in their half of their home-and-home series. It seems a little early to make this decision, so depending on how the pandemic, and the American response to it, progresses, this may not be final, but it isn’t looking good for the reigning Pac-12 champions.


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