About Us: Ryan Nelson

The latest member to join our growing team at College Kids Talking College Sports is Ryan Nelson. Ryan is an associate producer with CitrusTV – Syracuse’s student-run television studio – and a beat writer for Syracuse Men’s Hockey. To learn a little more about Ryan, check below!

Age: 19

High School: Notre Dame College Prep, Class of 2019

High School Sports: Volleyball (1 year), and Tennis (3 years)

College: Syracuse University

Hobbies: I love watching, commentating, and talking sports. As mentioned above, I work both as a beat writer for Syracuse Hockey and an associate producer with CitrusTV.

Favorite D1 Teams: Northwestern Wildcats and Syracuse Orange

Favorite Personal Sports Memory: In sixth grade football, I scored a touchdown despite only playing as an offensive and defensive lineman.

Favorite Professional/College Sports Memory: Any Chicago championship – The 2005 White Sox, Blackhawks in ’10, ’13, and ’15, and the 2016 Cubs are especially memorable.

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