College Kids Talking College Sports Dream League Day 2: Garza dominates, Andrew goes 2-0

In day 2 of our dream league, Andrew’s Anteaters continued their resurgence from an opening loss to dominate Cal’s Sunrise on the road, 117-100 before holding serve at home, 132-120 versus Nathaniel’s Mid-Majors, improving to 3-1 and taking sole possession of 1st place. Luka Garza continues to dominate for Andrew, averaging 22.5 points per game so far.

Cal rebounded in the nightcap by taking down Nathaniel, 128-122, as his big-man duo of Obi Toppin and John Mooney has been difficult to stop in the paint.

Below are each team’s individual stats and the leaderboard for all the major categories at the halfway point of our regular season.


Jordan Nwora (112)59 323
Vernon Carey (103)56305
Markus Howard (99)81 1.071411
Anthony Lamb (87)67  1.243011
Kameron Langley (86)39 1229
Jermaine Marrow (73)44 612
Kira Lewis (59)33710
Jhivvan Jackson (68)45 1.04197
Killian Tillie (49)24 122
Xavier Tillman (52)  26 1.29347
Tre Jones (9)112
Zavier Simpson (2)011


Payton Pritchard (114)622123
Luka Garza (101)90  1.373711
Devon Dotson (113) 70   1131
Devin Vassell (83)47  208
Udoka Azubuike (85)51  1.07373
Jalen Smith (56)26233
Ayo Dosunmu (82)391520
Isaac Okoro (56)2056
Jordan Ford (20)612
Daniel Oturu (16)650
Yoeli Childs (63) 61    1.52332
Saddiq Bey (11) 031


Obi Toppin (141)84  1.035011
John Mooney (129)65 1.08668
Cole Anthony (98)551212
Myles Powell (103)622117
Cassius Winston (113)50 918
Malachi Flynn (89)54 1.042118
Anthony Edwards (64)54 1.08105
Jared Butler (19)721
Elijah Hughes (41)2966
Michael Devoe (1)000
Cassius Stanley (1)000
Tyler Hagedorn (1)000



Luka Garza (Andrew’s Anteaters)90
Obi Toppin (Cal’s Sunrise)84
Markus Howard (Nathaniel’s Mid-Majors)81


John Mooney (Cal’s Sunrise)66
Obi Toppin (Cal’s Sunrise)50
Luka Garza, Udoka Azubuike (Andrew’s Anteaters)37


Devon Dotson (Andrew’s Anteaters)31
Kameron Langley  (Nathaniel’s Mid-Majors)29
Payton Pritchard (Andrew’s Anteaters)23

Efficiency Rating

PlayerEfficiency Rating
Yoeli Childs (Andrew’s Anteaters)1.52
Luka Garza (Andrew’s Anteaters)1.37
Xavier Tillman (Nathaniel’s Mid-Majors)1.28
Anthony Lamb (Nathaniel’s Mid-Majors)1.24
John Mooney, Anthony Edwards (Cal’s Sunrise)1.08

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