2020 March Madness Simulation: Round of 64 set to start tomorrow

ESPN ran their somewhat predictable BPI simulation. They then followed it up with a wacky version where they took the 2,020th simulation and posted those results. Joe Lunardi is running his own “Twitter Tourney”, which is currently in the Sweet 16. With everyone doing their own simulations, we are introducing the most thorough one yet!

We’ve spent the last week simulating the remaining conference tournaments and creating a bracket based off those results. We’ve opened up our own bracket challenge, and it’s your last chance to get in on it! The winner will appear on our podcast and receive a T-shirt with our logo on it (not yet designed). 2nd place gets a T-Shirt. Message us on Instagram @College_Talking to get a copy of our bracket, fill it out, and send it in! Check out our Instagram page for the selection show if you have questions about how this bracket was created!


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